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Best Tech Backpacks in India for Under INR 5,000




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Backpacks can help you in carrying your stuff easily and they are of great help especially when you are so much dependent on your laptop. The brands have now started innovating the backpacks as well and some of the brands have released amazing backpacks that can transform the way you carry your stuff. Check out the list of top 5 tech backpacks available in India for under Rs 5,000. Here is the list –  

  1. Arctic Hunter Business Backpack
Arctic Hunter Business Backpack

Arctic Hunter Business Backpack

One of the best looking backpacks in the market is from Arctic Hunter and it is available in a big design. The laptop is capable enough to hold the laptop with a screen size of 17.3 inches. There are 5 storage compartments in the bag and the material used for the bag is high-density PVC film. This makes the bag anti-scratch. The material is also water-resistant and there is a TSA approved lock on the bag.

  1. Gods Ghost Anti-Theft Bag
Gods Ghost Anti-Theft Bag

Gods Ghost Anti-Theft Bag

Bags from Ghost have gained a lot of popularity in the market and this specific bag is available in two finishes. The back flap opens to an angle of greater than 180 degrees and this enables you to get easy access to your stuff. It features an anti-theft design so do not worry about navigating through a crowded place. There are multiple pockets and loops inside this bag to store things for you.

  1. Lenovo B8270 Gaming Backpack

Lenovo not only manufactures great laptops but it also manufactures great bags. Look at this modern-looking backpack from Lenovo and you will fall in love with the design. It has 3 compartments but in terms of the pockets, it has a total of 16 pockets in it. This backpack can be really helpful when you are carrying your gaming accessories along with your gaming laptop. There is also a unique latch inside the bag that helps you in storing the headset.

  1. HP Odyssey Backpack
HP Odyssey Backpack

HP Odyssey Backpack

At number 4, we have this modern-looking backpack from HP. This backpack has a very sporty design and it comes in black color with neon green stripes. The fabric used is nylon and this not only makes the bag resistant to scratches but it also makes it resistant to water. The bag also has a pass-through port that lets you charge your phone with the help of the power bank. 

  1. Modoker Laptop Backpack
Modoker Laptop Backpack

Modoker Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a vintage bag then this should meet the criteria for you. This bag is designed with a vintage look and it also has a USB port which lets you charge the phone without having to carry the power bank in your hand. This bag is big enough to let you carry a laptop with a screen size of 15 inches. The straps have a honeycomb cushion that divides the load easily.

Final Verdict

You can check out the features of these bags and we would rather recommend you to buy something that has an anti-theft design. This way, you will be able to travel on buses, metros, and trains without any security concerns. With this, we would conclude the page and do share this list with your friends and family.

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