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Mitsubishi Outlander, a car manufactured in Japan. The name Mitsubishi came from the name of the manufacturer Mitsubishi. The main wondering feature is its fuel-efficient capacity and has a 2.4-litre petrol engine. This compact SUV 3 row outlander has low price compare with others. It is slow due to the unrefined base powertrain and also the middle row seat is not comfortable.


Price: 31.54 Lakhs

Transmission; Automatic

Fuel Type: Petrol

Horsepower: 166 Horse Power

Cargo: 63.3 cubic feet

seating Capacity: 3 row with 7

Mitsubishi Outlander
Mitsubishi Outlander

Coming to its safety, it has an adaptive cruise control system that helps to find the distance between you and the next vehicle. And also has the multi-camera system hence you can see the things happening behind your car at a wide angle. Its Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) helps to absorb the energy during the collision. And the other safety mechanism is auto headlights, that means it works in automatically in crucial situations. And the Lane Departure Warning system gives the warning when the vehicle is leaving its lane via audibly and visually. Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assist mechanism is another safety mechanism.


The leather seats are arranged in 3 rows with seating capacity is 7. Also, the second row has extra space to place your belongings. A significant (63.3 cubic feet) luggage carrier is available. You can open and close the carrier very quickly by pushing and popping the button. A fast key system is available, and it helps to start and stop your engine very quickly. The other facilities are automatic folding mirrors and automatic climate support wipers.

Features of Parts and Engines


  • Powerful Handling

The steering is designed very powerfully and safely.

  • Two Transmissions

The powerful two smart transmissions designed for the efficient fuel consumption.

  • Efficient Mivec Engine

The 2018 Outlander has 166 horsepower, or it can perform with 224 horsepower when it upgrades to GT.

  • Smart Wheel Control

This smart wheel control provides a safe landing in several situations. The Active Front Differential (AFD), Active Stability Control (ASC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and finally Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) combines to form this super wheel control system. These improve the efficiency, control and safety during hard braking.

  • Paddle Shifters

The paddle shifters placed in more conveniently hence it helps for providing more control while driving.

Special Technologies

The special technologies include touchscreen technology, useful sound system technology and an effective eco mode system. The effective eco mode system saves the energy consumption hence to provide efficient fule control.


This Mitsubishi Outlander has both pros and cons. The main advantage is that its fuel economy and this compact SUV 3- row seating has the lowest package. But a limited engine power and handling. The interior and luggage carrier is more spacious and smart. The Outlander has 166 horsepower cylinder. The reliability rating of Outlander is 2.5 out of 5; it is below average. The warranty consists of  five-year/60,000-mile and 10-year/100,000 mile. Several safety measures include in this Outlander. All are explained above. Finally, we can say that it is a less expensive, compact SUV with 3-row seating arrangement and also it has high fuel economy and has an excellent interior and luggage carrier. And also its warranty is best among the market.


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